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Ukubona Foundation was established by a group of compassionate and  determined women with the aim to be the agent of change that will bring  about quality of life to our young generations. Not only in their schooling careers but also in life, as clear vision gives you a whole new perspective on life. We aim to give children hope and to make their education experience more enjoyable by alleviating the challenge of having to go through school and learn when you have visual difficulties and cannot see clearly.

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We offer professional services at all times.
Vision Screening

Our first approach is to conduct vision screenings. This we do on the school grounds. This involves a brief exam that looks for potential vision problems and eye disorders.
Once learners with potential eye disorders are identified, we then book them for comprehensive eye tests with our Optometrists. 

Comprehensive Eye-test

Our Optometrists then sit one-on-one with the learners and firstly conduct preliminary tests, to check if the learners’ eyes can work together efficiently. They then refract the learners to determine if they need spectacle prescriptions. Spectacles are then ordered for those learners that I found to have visual problems.

Dispensing Of Spectacles

Spectacles are then dispensed to those learners that were found to have visual difficulties. The dispensing process also involves teaching the learners how to take care of their spectacles as well as the importance of wearing their spectacles


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Ukubona Foundation was established in 2017 this is how far we have come, learn more about how you can help us reach more people.


Vision Screenings


Comprehensive Eye-Tests


Dispensed Spectacles So Far

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