Our Background

The foundation was established in 2017 by Ms Kelebogile Modutwane and Ms Nokulunga Zwane. After having worked on other business projects together and discovering that their backgrounds and upbringing were so similar although one in the Free State Province and the other at Kwazulu Natal.
Having been raised both by single mothers and in the townships, they got to experience the hardships as well as having to make the most of the little that they had. that is why this project is so close to their hearts, and it is only fitting that they would want to give back to children in the townships and rural areas.

Our Mission & Objectives

To be an agent that will bring about quality of life to our young generations. Not only in their schooling careers but also in life as a whole, as clear vision gives you a whole new perspective on life. We aim to give children hope and to make their education experience more enjoyable by alleviating the challenge of having to go through school and learn when you cannot see clearly.

  1. To be an agent that will contribute positively and address visual difficulties in the township as well as rural primary schools.
  2. We aim to go back and retest the learners atleast every two years, as the eye is still developing at this stage.
  3. We aim to build a reputable organization that delivers professional services at all times as this will make us a partner of choice which will in turn contribute positively in building our communities.
  4. We hope that through the work that we do, children will not only progress in their studies and go on to become future leaders, but will also experience and learn the importance of philanthropy and its far reaching implications so that they also, in turn, will grow up to build their communities.
  5. To become pioneers in the space that we hold, that are seen to be professional, unique, goal driven and will stop at nothing against all odds to build and contribute positively to our previously disadvantaged communities. 

Our team

Kelebogile Modutwane 

Nokulunga McDonald

Thembeka Mpatho

Thobeka Nyembe

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